The Value of MDT AutoSave
AutoSave Return on Investment Tool
Return on investment with AutoSave is measured in terms of reducing unscheduled downtime, reducing errors, securing and providing access to source code, managing and organizing all your automation programs to enable reuse of existing logic, and numerous other benefits that increase safety and productivity.
AutoSave customers can typically achieve a return on their investment in a few months.
This ROI tool is intended to provide a general understanding of the costs associated with maintaining and protecting the intellectual property within a company’s automation framework. Areas covered include the estimated time to create new revisions of software code, the estimated manpower required to facilitate accurate backups of the automation code, the estimated real cost of a downtime incident related to the loss of intellectual property and the costs associated with the response to a regulatory non-compliance 483 FDA warning letter. This tool is not inclusive of all possible areas of costs due to operational inefficiencies. MDT provides this tool as a guideline for identifying the major costs to organizations that do not have the proper safeguards in place to protect the intellectual property which governs the automation processes responsible for quality production. This tool is provided to analyze a facility’s operations and is not responsible for the input data provided by the prospective user. It is the sole responsibility of the user of this tool to validate the calculations within and justify the financial results independently. For more information, please contact us.
Customer Case Studies: Proof of Value
Change Management and Version Control for Automotive Plants
Automotive Manufacturer Installs MDT AutoSave to Prevent Downtime After a Costly PLC Failure
After a PLC failure and the program configuration was lost, this plant lost 6 hours of production due to the time it took to locate and update an old program. The plant stated that if they had AutoSave at the time of the PLC failure, the reduced downtime would have paid for the system.
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MDT AutoSave for the Mining & Metals Industry
A Specialty Metals Manufacturer Experiences Product Loss After an Undetected PLC Code Change
A specialty metals producer made a PLC programming code due to new material specifications but the new code was not loaded into the device. Unfortunately, nobody knew that the ‘old recipe’ was being used, resulting in the production of three months worth of incorrect material that had to be recalled and reproduced.
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Application Story Large Soft Drink Manufacturer Avoids Production Downtime Using AutoSave Change Management to Immediately Retrieve Data After a PLC’s Code is Lost
Large Soft Drink Manufacturer Avoids Production Downtime When PLC Code is Lost
Because this plant used a manual, human-driven change management process, unauthorized changes and human error was putting the plant at risk of incurring long downtimes due to poor software version control. After implementing AutoSave, the plant avoided downtime by downloading the code immediately from AutoSave and were assured it was the correct code due to AutoSave’s program compare functionality.
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Case Study: AutoSave at Nestle Purina
MDT AutoSave Increases Productivity and Reduces Downtime and Safety Risks for Nestlé Purina
With AutoSave Change Management Software, a Nestlé Purina plant was able to replace their manual version control process with an automated solution that documents and stores the program version made by multiple programmers so that no program is lost while verifying the correct program is running, reducing risk of downtime and errors.
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