MDT AutoSave Image Backup

Revision control for image files, created by Acronis Cyber Backup, for rapid disaster recovery

This solution, combining products from the world leader in automation change management with the world leader in data protection in cybersecurity, provides rapid recovery from device failures, human error and cyber attacks.

The Solution

This solution enables on-demand or scheduled creation and storage of customizable PC data. In providing this common central repository of PC images, MDT AutoSave and Acronis can ensure that if a PC fails, the master image and other archived revisions of the hard drive data can be quickly retrieved. Solution steps include:
*AutoSave can schedule the backups (through Acronis), to eliminate any concern of backing up the device during production (i.e., HMI)
In providing this common central interface to disk images, plant personnel are empowered to manage their own PC data using the same application they use to manage changes in their automation device programs.
Other benefits include:

Acronis Cyber Backup

Combining backup with anti-ransomware technologies, Acronis Cyber Backup delivers the cyber protection that today’s organizations need to avoid costly downtime, unhappy customers, and lost revenue. Acronis Cyber Backup sets a high bar for new-generation data protection with innovative security features. Unique in the data protection space, only Acronis offers active and proactive measures to prevent unplanned outages. If an incident occurs, Acronis Cyber Backup ensures business continuity by immediately and reliably restoring any piece of data or the full system. It offers a single, intuitive, web-based management console that makes operations very simple.
Acronis minimizes the impact on end users and eliminates the need to take workstations or laptops offline. Once acquired, the image containing the operating system, applications and data, can be fully recovered in minutes, instead of hours or days. Users may also recover just an individual file or folder accidently deleted or lost. Powerful enough for the datacenter and intuitive enough for non-IT administrators to manage, Acronis is optimized for OT. For more information, go to Acronis Cyber Backup.

MDT AutoSave

For over 30 years, MDT Software has provided global industry leaders with advanced change management and version control solutions for automated manufacturing assets. The MDT AutoSave software empowers users to protect, save, restore, discover, and track changes in industrial programmable devices and plant-floor documents. In using AutoSave to manage program changes, automation users can protect the intellectual property in their automation layer across their enterprise; helping to avoid risk regardless of the environment and device type for rapid recovery from hardware failures, mistakes, sabotage and other hazards.
The AutoSave Image backup module further expands the unmatched range of software supported by AutoSave to provide plant-wide change control for rapid disaster recovery and cybersecurity. It is innovations such as this PC image backup solution that have made MDT AutoSave the corporate standard for change management in many of the world’s most advanced manufacturing facilities.
“MDT Software and Acronis Partner to Create a Single Solution for Critical Automation Data and Devices: This solution, combining the MDT AutoSave and Acronis Cyber Backup products, provides rapid recovery from device failures, human error and cyber-attacks.”


View and download a pdf containing the main features of the MDT AutoSave Image Backup (for Acronis Cyber Backup) module.

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