MDT Slideshare Presentations

Safeguarding Plant Automation Programs with Change Management

When automation program changes aren’t managed properly, a device (PLC, robots, CNC, etc.) failure can result in downtime and product errors if the correct program isn’t immediately available. A change management solution provides rapid recovery from device failures, secure access to program history, compliance with corporate and regulatory policies, process improvement and more. See this slideshare for more information on Automation Change Management Systems.

Cybersecurity in Manufacturing: TRUTH or DARE

Manufacturing is the second most commonly targeted industry by attackers and many attacks are successful due to the many vulnerabilities that exist in the manufacturing environment. This presentation lists the common manufacturing cybersecurity misconceptions (DARES) and how to prepare, detect and recover from security threats to intellectual property in automation device programs (TRUTH.) Find out more at:

Manufacturing Application Story: Food & Beverage

This application story describes how a large soft drink manufacturer avoided production downtime when PLC code was lost. In managing PLC code changes with program backup, automated retrieval, change notification and more, this plant was able to avoid a downtime situation that would have cost them around $1,800 per minute.