AutoSave Customer Case Studies

The Munich Subway System Installs MDT AutoSave to Automate Data Backup and Optimize Version Control

Data collected from 100 substations was being backed up at the central control center using a manual process. Personnel were tasked with saving the data to a central server. With the large amount of programs being stored, the municipal works company decided the process needed to be automated. Prior versions of program logic are noweasily accessed within AutoSave. This enables comparison or quick recovery from common issues related to programming changes, protecting employees and riders from errors.

MDT AutoSave Increases Productivity and Reduces Downtime and Safety Risks for Nestlé Purina
With AutoSave Change Management Software, a Nestlé Purina plant was able to replace their manual version control process with an automated solution that documents and stores the program version made by multiple programmers so that no program is lost while verifying the correct program is running, reducing risk of downtime and errors.
Implementing the AutoSave Change Management Solution at the Water Corporation of Australia
In implementing the AutoSave Change Management Solution, The Water Corporation of Australia leads the Water Industry in controlling risk of customer service disruption and reducing safety risks to employees associated with unmanaged control system changes. This case study describes how The Water Corporation and MDT Software collaborated to create a change management solution to provide effective version control, archival backups, change detection, historical tracking, secured user access and automatic change notification not only in large plants but also in highly dispersed field sites.
Specialty Manufacturer Minimizes Machine Downtime with Automation Change Management
Heat exchanger manufacturer, SWEP, installed the AutoSave Change Management solution in five production plants across three continents to minimize the risk of machine downtime, avoiding costly delays and disruption to customer delivery schedules. The solution described in this case study has enabled SWEP to avoid downtime using AutoSave when operation parameters were accidentally deleted. AutoSave has become a key part of SWEPs business-wide Disaster Recovery Policy since implementation.
PLC Change Management and Version Control Software Minimises Risk of Machine Downtime at Diamond Light Source (the UK’s national synchrotron science facility)
AutoSave was installed one of the most advanced scientific facilities in the world to manage the changes to over 400 PLCs and 100-plus HMIs manufactured by a variety of vendors, including Omron and Siemens. These PLCs are critical to the synchrotron process, with a single stoppage resulting in costly downtime of around £10,000 per hour. Per the Senior PLC Engineer in charge of all PLC-related activity at the site, including the protection of all plant, machines and equipment, no other change management software provider could offer a similar ‘open’ solution that enabled communication with multiple-vendor PLCs, HMIs and remote IO configuration files. They also found that MDT Software’s AutoSave is easy to set up and use and liked the flexible architecture of AutoSave and the very cost effective use of the AutoSave Universal plug-in.