MDT technical support is committed to providing industry leading assistance with all facets of our product offerings. All members of our support team have years of experience crafting real-world deployment and operating solutions for the software we offer. Our familiarity with the imperatives of real world plant-floor environments means we have “really been there” and will work with you to craft solutions that meet your bottom-line needs.

Licensing / Activation


Easy to follow instructions on obtaining your AutoSave or A4SP License


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Upgrading Your AutoSave System


Before upgrading your AutoSave System to the latest version, go here for step-by-step instructions.


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AutoSave Product & Utility Download


Access all the links to download AutoSave products and utilities offered by MDT Software.


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MDT Link Online Resource Center


Access your site’s information: Bill of Materials, installed modules and much more.


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Contact MDT Support


Get troubleshooting tips and instructions on submitting an issue to MDT for help.


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AutoSave for System Platform Download


Access the A4SP ISO and view documentation.


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Extended Software Support


View the  ESS program overview and renewal policy.


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Instructions for sending a file to MDT Software


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Engineering Bulletins


Searchable topics for clear answers to common issues, fixes and helpful hints.


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AutoSave Extras


Download extra supplemental products, utilities or resources.


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