Change Management for Non-Networked
and Remote Assets
Do you manage remote assets? Are off-site contractors making program changes? Do you make changes to non-networked devices? AutoSave has you covered.
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AutoSave enables you to track and analyze changes made to a large number of non-networked devices and easily sync them to the server.
“With the implementation of AutoSave, Water Corporations’ field staff, some of them located thousands of kilometers away from Perth metro in Western Australia, now have a fully supported, standardized change management application across all intelligent assets with access to a centralized repository for thousands of device configurations in more than 3,000 sites,”​
Water corp of australia
Ashley Vincent
General Manager Planning and Capability

Simple Steps for Managing Changes to Disconnected Assets

In only three steps, users can ensure that non-networked program changes are tracked, saved and protected.
Step 1: Identify programs to be managed
In the office, the Field Technician identifies programs of interest and AutoSave downloads copies to the engineer’s laptop.
Step 2: Make changes
Use the AutoSave client for non-networked devices to make changes to the program.
Step 3: Synchronize changes
Compare laptop with server and send/receive updates