AutoSave Add-On Modules

In addition to AutoSave modules supporting specific applications, MDT offers Add-On Modules to enhance overall system capabilities.
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AutoSave User Group Integration with Active Directory

AD Integration is an add-on feature in AutoSave that maps user information and grouping, defined in your Active Directory, into Groups in AutoSave. Features include:

MDT AutoSave Image Backup

This module provides revision control for image files, created by Acronis Cyber Backup, for rapid disaster recovery. This solution enables on-demand or scheduled creation and storage of customizable PC data. In providing this common central repository of PC images, MDT AutoSave and Acronis can ensure that if a PC fails, the master image and other archived revisions of the hard drive data can be quickly retrieved. Other Benefits include:

Program Export Event Module

The Program Export Event Module is an add-on module to AutoSave that allows users to export a copy of an AutoSave program when a new revision of the program is created. There are numerous reasons why this is useful:

Reports Module

The AutoSave Reports module further enhances the reporting capability of AutoSave by allowing you to generate over 100 unique reports from the historical data stored in AutoSave’s database. AutoSave reports can help manufacturers to:
Food & beverage manufacturing
pharmaceutical manufacturing

Electronic Approval for Device Programs

For most areas of manufacturing, AutoSave device modules provide a sufficient level of change control. For areas that require the added features of electronic signatures and workflow approval, MDT’s AutoSave Device Program Approval and Audit Trail Module provides the following support:

Program Importer

The Program Importer application expedites the creation of new programs in AutoSave. The utility configures AutoSave programs from a bulk data source (Microsoft Excel.) Program data that can be created with this utility include folder, program paths, program name, location and more.