AutoSave Videos

See how MDT AutoSave works through explainer videos and product demonstrations
MDT AutoSave Change Management for Automation Devices
This video shows how MDT AutoSave can ensure that if a device fails or a program error is made, the most current copies of program logic and documentation are available so plant operations can be restored quickly and correctly.
Manufacturing Cyber Security: Protection and Recovery of Automation Data
This video addresses a critical aspect of cyber security not addressed by data access & network monitoring applications: The Intellectual Property in your automation device programs.
The MDT AutoSave Portal: Decision Support Dashboard
The AutoSave Portal enables users to view all AutoSave program change management activity in the plant including program activity, success or failure of device program compare results, program comparison details, and much more. This vital plant information is accessed from a single web interface that can run on workstations, laptops and mobile devices.

Demonstration of AutoSave for System Platform

AutoSave for System Platform (A4SP) is a Wonderware Endorsed partner product providing object-level change management for Wonderware System Platform to protect against unexpected change issues that can lead to downtime and product loss. This recording of the product’s demonstration tool enables users to experience the features and benefits of A4SP.

MDT AutoSave Automation Change Management: Brief Demonstration

The video shows how AutoSave captures and stores all automation program changes as they are made so that the correct program can be accessed quickly and correctly for rapid recovery from failures. Also demonstrated is AutoSave’s ability to compare programs and identify differences, protecting users and assets. These are just a couple of the features available with AutoSave.