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Optimize the value of AutoSave with services and training

MDT AutoSave Training
Proper training is critical to the success of the AutoSave system. The following training is available to MDT partners, customers or registered System Integrators:
AutoSave Online Training
MDT offers web-based training courses that consist of a combination of written material, step-by-step instructions using screen shots, and quizzes to reinforce the material. Progression is tracked, and visible throughout the training course, so that a user can stop and return later to finish a course, if needed. The eLearning format of this training enables learners to complete lessons at their own pace and schedule.
AutoSave Onsite Training
MDT Installation Engineers are available to deliver training at the customer site that is designed around the site’s requirements and specifications. For information regarding availability of this training and pricing, please contact your AutoSave Sales Representative.
MDT Services
Full deployment up to turnkey system start-up services
Certified System Deployment staff from MDT and our partners provide implementation services up to and including a complete, turnkey project to install and commission your entire plant’s change management system. AutoSave is a robust client/server enterprise system and the configuration, setup, and tuning for peak performance can be a highly technical exercise requiring specific expertise. MDT highly recommends our trained technicians and the user community work together to design and build the system to meet the site’s user requirements and specifications.
Confined system start-up services
Successful commissioning and early adoption of the AutoSave System can also be achieved by confining the initial launch to a single sub-area of your facility, with limited users, and limited devices. This allows for rapid commissioning of a defined set of system functionality and training of those who will complete the deployment in the remaining areas. By confining the initial scope of the deployment, a solid foundation and proven level of operability can be attained before launching the AutoSave system throughout your entire facility.
Other services
Please send an email to regarding your service needs.