AutoSave for System Platform

Advanced Change Control for Wonderware System Platform

Change is inevitable. If not managed correctly it can be costly and even dangerous.

AutoSave support for Wonderware System Platform includes change management for objects including graphics, templates, instances, and more.

Wonderware for Schneider Electric Endorsed Partner Product: AutoSave for System Platform
Remove Undesired Changes

The key to “undoing” an undesirable program change is to maintain a history of all revisions. With AutoSave for System Platform users can access and restore prior copies of objects which is essential in restoring plant applications quickly and correctly.

Detect Differences in Versions

AutoSave for System Platform provides the ability to compare any two versions of an object with detailed identification of changes.

Gain Insight into Object Associations

A template may have many instances; AutoSave for System Platform provides the ability to see how one object is associated with others.

Restore Object Changes Following a Galaxy Restoration

If a Galaxy becomes corrupted and must be restored from a backup, AutoSave for System Platform can provide object updates that occurred immediately prior to the event.

AutoSave for System Platform Online Demonstration Tool

Click here to to see how the product works and experience real-world scenarios.

TechValidate partners testimonial on AutoSave for System Platform
TechValidate customer testimonial on AutoSave for System Platform


AutoSave for System Platform Named Wonderware HMI and SCADA
Technology Partner Product of the Year by Schneider Electric Software

“This award recognizes the significant benefits that AutoSave for System Platform provides to our System
Platform customers in a variety of industries where object-level change tracking, reporting and rollback are
necessary to meet compliance and operational objectives,” said Gary Tillery, Leader, Partner Group,
Schneider Electric Software.
A4SP Datasheet

A4SP Datasheet

An overview of the features and benefits of AutoSave for System Platform

Industry Article

Industry Article

Control Engineering: HMI Control System Change Management, Security: Q&A

White Paper

White Paper

Safeguard your plant automation systems from typical plant hazards



Watch how AutoSave can undo a change quickly and correctly