AutoSave Protection and Recovery Solutions

MDT AutoSave addresses a critical aspect of security not addressed by data access & network monitoring applications: The Intellectual Property in your Device Programs
Regardless of how a threat occurs, MDT AutoSave gives you the ability to:
Secure your program intellectual property
AutoSave saves a copy of each program revision in a central repository. Access to program folders and programs is managed via a flexible privileging system.


Detect changes made outside the change management system
AutoSave compares the latest program copy on file in AutoSave with the program running in each device to identify any differences. If differences are found, the appropriate people are notified with an email highlighting the differences.


Rapidly recover from unauthorized changes
With an archive of all program revisions, you can quickly restore the latest approved program after an unauthorized change.
Tracking Firmware Versions in Automation Devices
AutoSave can track data such as firmware, software and CPU versions in automation devices from the following vendors: Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi and Rockwell (support for additional device types and automation vendors will be added soon.) The capability to easily and automatically identify this information, for comparison against published threat reports, will greatly aid automation users to address vulnerabilities in their devices. Read more here.
Industrial cybersecurity requires a multi-pronged approach. There isn’t a single tool or procedure that is sufficient in protecting your plant.
This article discusses the vulnerabilities in industrial control systems and what can be done to protect their intellectual property and keep the plant running.
Are Utilities Prepared for a Rise in Cybersecurity Attacks?
This article examines the likelihood of continued cyber threats against U.S. utilities and how they can protect Industrial Control Systems and restore operations quickly.
Tripwire Data Collector Cybersecurity Solution Integrates with MDT AutoSave
The Tripwire Data Collector product provides enhanced visibility of cyber risk through its unique ability to harvest asset data using native industrial protocols, standard IT protocols, and integrations with intermediary software applications. In integrating with MDT AutoSave, it can gather and assesses data from devices that have typically been inaccessible to security teams before, while still maintaining a no-touch approach to avoid disrupting operations. Read more here.
Find out more on how AutoSave can protect your plant from threats and recover quickly from unauthorized changes.