Automation Change Management

Market leader in protecting the intellectual property in your automation layer
Make a program change you wish you hadn’t? Lose the only copy of the device program? Not sure if the program running is the right one? Need to view device change data, anytime, anywhere? AUVESY-MDT has you covered.
Reduce Downtime

Recover quickly if a program is lost. Automatically retrieve the most current copy of the device program.

Avoid Errors

Undo an incorrect change and restore program data within seconds.

Protect Users & Assets
Validate the program running in the processor matches the referenced program. Detect changes that may have been unknown or unauthorized.
Increase Security
Prepare, detect and recover from cybersecurity threats to networked devices.

Comprehensive Change Control for Automated Assets

Version control, backups, historical tracking, flexible user permissions, electronic approval and audit trails, automatic change detection, and disaster recovery in:
remote water utility operations

Change Management for Disconnected and Remote Assets

Support for non-networked devices by enabling you to make changes to programs in the field then analyze and sync all changes to the server back at the office.

Advanced Change Control for AVEVA System Platform

AutoSave for System Platform (A4SP) captures all object changes as they are made so even the most recently updated objects, including graphics, templates, instances and more can be restored. A4SP is the only product endorsed by AVEVA to provide change management support for Wonderware System Platform.

AutoSave Decision Support Portal

View all AutoSave program change management activity in the plant including:
This vital plant information is accessed from a single web interface that can run on workstations, laptops and mobile devices.
Our Products
Comprehensive change control for automated production to reduce downtime and errors, while protecting assets.
Version control, backups, historical tracking, flexible user permissions and change detection for network and non-networked assets.
Change management for AVEVA/Wonderware System Platform objects, graphics, templates, instances, and more.
Provides an extra level of review/approval/audit of change. The ability to manage these tasks electronically greatly streamlines the review process.
Use all your data, step-by-step, for greater production reliability and maximum success.
The complete change history provides information on who, when, where and why changes were made to the project.
Detailed comparison of any program version with clear and comprehensive difference analysis.
Documentation of configurations and other documents for regulatory purposes are automatically collected and organized.
Our Customers
AUVESY and MDT Software brings together 47 years of expertise and experience in industrial automation. We have delivered automation change management and version control solutions for the world’s leading manufacturers.  Today end-users around the world have selected AUVESY-MDT products to effectively manage the increasing array of software on the plant floor and minimize downtime associated with plant floor automation.

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Find out how MDT AutoSave can enable you to protect, restore and discover changes in your industrial programmable devices and documents.