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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML format for sharing headlines and other Web content, allowing users to browse headlines with a news-reader or aggregator program. The RSS news-reader or aggregator checks RSS-enabled Web pages and then organizes and displays any new or updated articles that it finds. Aggregators are typically constructed as extensions to a Web browser (such as Mozilla Firefox), as extensions to an email program (such as Microsoft Outlook), or as standalone programs. There are also Web-based RSS aggregators such as My Yahoo or Bloglines that require no software installation and make the users RSS feeds available on any computer with Web access.

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There are many ways for you to keep updated automatically via RSS News feeds. In many cases, by clicking the RSS subscribe link, your web browser may present options for subscribing. Other options are given below.

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The real benefit of subscribing to the MDT Software RSS feed is that you no longer need to visit the site to stay up-to-date on new product releases and updates!

Product Updates
Rockwell PanelBuilder32 Plugin Module Update (1.02 RC) A Release Candidate of the AutoSave Rockwell PanelBuilder32 Plugin Module is now available.
Schneider Concept v2.6 Plugin Module Update (2.02 RC)
A Release Candidate of the AutoSave Schneider Concept v2.6 Plugin Module is now available.
CitectSCADA v7.x Plugin Module Update (1.00 GR)
General Release of the AutoSave CitectSCADA v7.x Plugin Module is now available.

Featured Case Study:
» AutoSave Increases
   Productivity and Reduces
   Downtime and Safety
   Risks for Nestlè Purina
White Paper:
» Safeguarding Your Plant
   Automation Systems with
   Change Management
Featured Press Releases:
» MDT Software Selected as
    Invensys Endorsed Partner